Chronicles of Alleron has a lot of characters, and more are introduced all the time!

Pirates of Privateer Point

Captain Goldhook
Captain Goldhook is the captain of the Beryllius, a top-of-the-line ship.  Speaking with a heavy accent and named after the "hand" he has, he's an expert with firearms as well as the cutlass.


Habbo is the Beryllius' first mate.  He appears to fit a lot of negative stereotypes - he's derisively called a "mook," displaying low intelligence as well as height.  However, he also manages the Beryllius' computers, navigation, and combat equipment.

Oh, he's also downright dangerous with his sword, which is almost like a giant cleaver.  His loyalty is unquestioned.


Biran is the muscle on the Beryllius.  His answer to most problems is, "Crush it," and he does so with a massive war-hammer.  He wears a bomber jacket and shades instead of pirate-themed clothing, and he's direct.

He was last seen flinging his captain and first-mate out of the reach of Admiral McSimmons - and onto a boat which was later set adrift.  This cost him his freedom, however.

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