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The Protagonists

For better or worse, Captain Goldhook and Habbo are our two protagonists.  They are often the ones you'll see events happening around, as they drift through a series of historical events for the Kingdom of Alleron.

Captain Goldhook
Captain Goldhook is the captain of the Beryllius, a top-of-the-line ship.  Speaking with a heavy accent and named after the "hand" he has, he's an expert with firearms as well as the cutlass.  He is also well-versed in Water magic.


Habbo is the Beryllius' first mate.  He appears to fit a lot of negative stereotypes - he's derisively called a "mook," displaying low intelligence as well as height.  However, he also manages the Beryllius' computers, navigation, and combat equipment.

Oh, he's also downright dangerous with his sword, which is almost like a giant cleaver.  His loyalty is unquestioned.

He is the son of Guelph Stoneshaper, a member of the Bluefield Company and a powerful Earth mage.  Habbo is, unlike his father, a reasonably-powerful Air Mage.

Other Organizations:  There are many organizations and entities within the comic.  Here are just a few.  Click on the link for each of their individual pages.

Pirates of Privateer Point:  Habbo and Goldhook's original outfit, The Pirates of Privateer Point had been raiding the coasts of the Kingdom of Alleron for too long.  The Royal Navy assaulted it and scattered them, with some being absorbed into the Alleronian Expidentiary Force.  This includes Biran, Admiral Marcus Swiftshank, and Ricardo.

Alleronian Expidentiary Force:  Alleron put together an emergency team to rescue Prince Darius from the Goblin Fortress.  This team is mostly drawn from veterans of the Battle of Privateer Point.  This team includes Samuel, Victoria, and others!

Goblins: The Goblins of the Goblin Fortress live just outside of the last Mana Tree.  They are ruled by King Gurubunder, with the Priestess Bandihutu providing them with an Earth Mage of almost unparalleled power.  They kidnapped Prince Darius because of a prophecy that said a Balancer would soon emerge.

Bluefield Company:  The household guard of Prince Darius, the Bluefield Company is one of Alleron's strongest military units.  Led by Galliardo, it also includes Guelph Stoneshaper and the Archmage Veyron.

Alleronian Royal Family:  The ruling dynasty of the Kingdom of Alleron, these powerful figures all have their own interests and histories, and you can read about them here.  Note that Prince Darius is listed with the Bluefield Company.

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