Friday, May 22, 2020

Chapter 46 - The Tides Turn

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Greetings, friends, and happy Fantasy May!

I hope you've enjoyed Chapter 46 of Chronicles Of Alleron!  I really enjoyed making this chapter; I know I defaulted back to indoor basement shoots, but they're really the best I can do given that I can just leave (a rather sizable mess) the shooting-area clean, then pick up and shoot the next round of scenes whenever it's time.

Anyway, I'm really hoping that the next-to-last panel is animated the way it's supposed to be.  If it isn't, I'll honestly be so disappointed I might just switch this entire project off of Blogger entirely, since the whole plan was to anchor the episode around the animation of the fire breaking around Samuel's new shield.

With that said, I think the story beats to follow here are:
 - The Goblins started this war by kidnapping Prince Darius and accusing him of being a Balancer, but...
 - Samuel just began to manifest something truly abnormal.
 - Habbo and Goldhook, our protagonists, are active, engaged observers of something history-worthy happening.

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