Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Chapter 044 - The Skirmish, The Melee

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With love to those struggling with CoVID-19!

If you've read this far, well - THANK YOU!  It means the world to me to see people enjoying what I create, especially during dark times both globally and personally.  Any feedback or thoughts you want to give me are welcome; I'm available on Twitter, for starters, but also on Facebook!  This is by far the largest Chronicles Of Alleron chapter ever; if I could, I'd make them all this long!  I suppose we'll see. :)

I want to once again offer a message of warm reassurance; please, have faith that the CoVID-19 crisis is going to pass.  It will take a terrible toll, of course; we cannot stop that now, but that doesn't mean we give up on tactics like Social Distancing.  Hell, I should use that in Alleron as a name for a technique, but it's really awkward.

Until next time!