Thursday, January 27, 2022

No New Comic (yet): Lego Build Log 3 - Pirate Ship Part Two!

 Hello, friends!

I've finished work on the Pirate Ship!  Now I just need a name for the Pirate Queen.  I don't have one, yet.  I know where she fits into the story, but sometimes naming characters is the hardest thing for me.

For those of you who caught yesterday's post, I'm doing well enough with CoVID that I feel pretty good and like I can get more work done than I've already gotten done.  I'm not exceptionally worried, though I realize my luck could run out as this thing follows its course.

I don't know how long it's gonna take to shoot all the scenes I'll need for the chapter I'm planning out.  I honestly don't have much of a plan for this, except to spread a little exposition, introduce two new characters, and reintroduce three previous characters to hint at their role in the next arc following the Goblin Fortress one.

We'll see how it comes along!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

No New Comic - Lego Build Log 2 - Pirate Ship (Part One).

 Hello, friends,

So here's the story:

I started work on the pirate ship I'm gonna need for the next comic.  Here's the build log for Part One.  I'll give you the deets down below!

For those who might not know (or follow me on Twitter,), I tested positive for CoVID-19 on a routine pre-appointment swab, Monday.  I must stress that feel fine.  I'm pretty much asymptomatic, and have been since I tested positive.  I am extremely lucky, so far, and I hope that luck continues.

What that means is that I'm currently in isolation, and don't have access to my full range of Lego sets.  I'm not at home - my wife tested negative (thankfully!), so I'm basically just hiding out in quarantine.

With that said, I did take a Lego set to build (I'd been saving it for just such an occasion), and it's relevant to the comic.  I've also got another set with me, as well as the minifigs necessary to make a comic chapter.  I was planning to compose this chapter all along, but I wasn't really ready to do it because in a lot of ways it's set parallel to the action going on, and might work better if I release it after Darius and Gurubunder are resolved.

But, since I'm here, I might as well do it now.  We'll be meeting some new characters and seeing some we haven't seen since the Privateer Point arc!

I'll hopefully (depending on how much I feel like editing video) have the next build log out tomorrow, and we can go from there.

Thank you for all of your support.