Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Chapter 56: Saying Farewell!

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Hello, friends!

Technically I'm a day late for a February release, but at or around the start of the month, my back went out and I was laid up for pretty much a week and a half.  And, yes, I realize this chapter was a bit shorter than most have been, lately.  Chances are we'll get more short chapters but more panels total overall.  And, yes, we are re-making "Chapter 54.5" into Chapter 57, so I'm gonna work on Chapter 58 next!  Hopefully in two months!

This was my first dialogue-heavy chapter in a long time.  I feel like I kept a pretty decent conversational flow, kept the attention on the characters it needed to be on, added a tiny bit of humor, and ended with a nice reminder of who one of our two core protagonists is.  Darius may have stolen the show for a bit, but it's on Habbo and Goldhook to bear witness to what happens so that history has, well, a chronicle.

My next challenges are going to be building some Lego boats.  It's not that I don't already have one or two at the ready, but rather that I need the right parts to build a couple more.  I'm not 100% sure just how easily the heroes are going to get to Bluefield, but I look forward to finding out what hijinks they get up to along the way!

Last thing, and I'll tuck this away here as a first, soft "push" in this direction:  Now that the Goblin Fortress arc is officially over:  I'm hoping some day to maybe hire an artist (yes, for money.  The stuff you can use to buy food) that would take this comic and be the Yusuke Murata to my ONE (if I dare make such a comparison) by adapting it into an actual comic book form.  If you think that might be you, reach out to me.  Actual readers get priority.

Hopefully, I'll have a post for you all in two months!

Previously: Chapter 55 - The Mana Crystal  | Next Chapter 57:  The House Of Red And Yellow