Tuesday, August 22, 2023

No New Comic - It's Been A While! Here's A Quick Progress Update!

 Hey folks,

I hope you've been doing well.  It's been a while since I posted Frosty's take on King Gurubunder challenging Prince Darius, but I wanted to give you a little update.

Basically, I've just been having a hard time getting outside to take pictures.  It's been, you know, kind of very hot.  And I've been unfortunately busy with family issues, and while everything is okay it's just been time consuming and draining.

So here's where we stand:

I have a bunch of pictures taken.  I plan to make them into a chapter as soon as I can, but this may take a bit.  It should be a little longer than previous ones, and it should work through some worldbuilding as well as character development.

We'll see how it goes!