Friday, July 17, 2020

No New Chapter - Project Update & New Short Story

Hey friends,

First a project update, then an offering!

I'm really, truly sorry I haven't been able to update the comic in a while.  I ran into some GIF issues with the final image of the last chapter, and between that and other technical nonsense (as well as re-starting the day job) I just haven't had the willpower to sit down and film out more comics, not even small ones.  I'm sure I will, but among other things I'm considering where to post new comics.  I've discovered that this Blogger page is not cooperating with Adsense, for example - so the idea of a "trickle revenue" for all of these comics is nil.  Between that and the GIF issues, I'm fairly decided on posting future comics to my personal website.  I have no idea how I'd migrate the old ones over, but...It's not like I didn't already do that once with this project, long ago.

Now for an offering; I'm putting out my first short story in a long time over on  It's a fantasy romp set in the Kingdom of Emor (from my Pillars Of The Kingdom franchise), and it's hopefully gonna be about an hour-or-two of reading a fantastic little journey that's relatively straight-forward, but enjoyable due to its relative simplicity.

I hope you'll check it out, and I'm sorry I don't have more for you, here.  It's just been tough times all around, y'know?