Setting of Alleron

Mana is the force of life; the living create it simply by continuing to live, and the lost become a part of this eternal energy.  Mana governs the elements, keeping them in stability and keeping the world regulated.  It makes magic and technology alike exist, and without it there could be no such thing as "living."

Fifty-some years ago, however, this force fell out of it's balance.  The world flooded; its population was culled, its science forgotten, it's magic diminished.  History itself was severed.  Only one realm survived; the continent of Alleron.

Alleron - The Last Kingdom.

Ruled by King Lysander, one of the few elders who survived the Flood, the Kingdom of Alleron has dutifully reclaimed its lost legacy.  Towns have been built and rebuilt.  The species has stabilized its numbers, and people have begun to prosper again.  Ancient technologies have been excavated and duplicated by Lysander and his allies; food is plentiful, and Mana exists in a state of balance once again.

All is not well, however.  Lysander's rush to rebuild his kingdom hasn't benefited everyone equally!  Many have been forced into theft and plundering, and are called pirates.  Fragments of other cultures which have survived on the continent of Alleron - it's original name long forgotten - have struggled to retain their political independence.  Sub-species of human, especially, have seen their liberties lost.

Worst of all, there are rumors that Mana is not quite as stable as it seems; and Lysander?  His responsibility for this weakness, as well as the original Flood itself, is being called into question.  Members of Lysander's military have defected to whoever can take them on, and as his sons prepare to inherit his legacy, there is real fear that the last bastion of humanity might fall.  What is the truth?

Two pirates will bear witness!

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