Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Chapter 043: The Assault Continues - Biran

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(This may be the most ambitious episode, yet;
check the bottom for a holiday gag, BTW!)

And, a Christmas/Holiday gag!

This was...Very fun to make.  I have plans for more, but let me hear your feedback!

Friday, December 6, 2019

Chapter 42: The Assault Continues!

This is probably the longest single chapter I've ever done.  I really hope you've enjoyed - and I hope that you'll leave a comment to let me know what you thought.  What can I improve?  (Besides, y'know, a lot?)

Anyway, if you want to support the creation of the next chapter, hit up the Patreon site!  If you want more reading by me, hit up my website!  Or, re-start the comic from below!  (Who knows; maybe, some day, I'll go back through and tweak a few of these!)

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Chapter 41: A Serious Escape!

Chronicles of Alleron is a Lego-based webcomic/webmanga by Jesse Pohlman, all rights reserved under fair use.

I just want to say up-front that I had a blast making this quartet, and I hope you enjoy!  If you do, don't hesitate to hop over to my Patreon page and drop me some support so that I can keep working on this project, and others!  More thoughts after the comic!

My Thoughts:  So, this comic is more like how I'd like to do any future chapter of Chronicles Of Alleron; I'm not a fantastic animator (as you can tell), but if you look back at some previous chapters you can hopefully visualize how I might have done it different, were I to make/remake it, today.  I like the idea of a little bit of motion to underpin the text, and to bring out a little more action.

I had a real lot of fun working on this, and I could easily see myself doing more stuff like this, aside from gags or dialogue-heavy stuff.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!  That said, I have a lot of work to re-hab this page.  :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Chapter 40: Why So Serious?

Chronicles of Alleron is a Lego-based webcomic/webmanga by Jesse Pohlman, all rights reserved under fair use.

Hey friends,

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet!

Sorry it's been so darned long since I last got a comic up!  Nearly two years, in fact; yet I've never really not wanted to make these, it just takes a lot to get everything set up for a shoot, and I can't leave the Legos out as my beloved cats will most assuredly kidnap a few of my characters, if you catch my drift!

With that said, if you want to support my work, the best way to do that (without having to spend any cash, even!) is to spread this comic to your friends, have them start at Chapter One, and leave comments telling me what you enjoy and what you don't.  Honestly - giving feedback is the Number-One thing you can do to help me know that people enjoy this project, and help encourage me to make progress on it.  Thanks again!

My warmest regards,
--Jesse Pohlman