Saturday, December 24, 2022

Chapter 55: The Mana Crystal

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Thank you for spending a little time with me in this fantasy world.  Another year and another Christmas, and may it be a merry (if cold!) one, from my family to yours!  Of course, I primarily celebrate the Solstice (and, alas, it was too cold to go outside and meditate), but somehow or another the 25th has become my unofficially-official release date for the winter edition.

Getting this chapter done was easy enough.  Uneventful enough.  I only had to reshoot just about every panel for various reasons.  Some were blurry, some weren't lined up well, some the minifigs were out of position.  That sort of stuff.

I'm thinking maybe I'll need to do one more chapter on the basement floor before I can reasonably explain the characters leaving where they're at.  Call it a wrap-up.  The upside is that, since the chapter won't necessarily involve complicated poses in the act of combat, I'll probably be able to set up and shoot relatively easily.  Maybe I'll try to put out six chapters next year?  We'll see.

I've got to admit I'm kind of torn between two possible storylines for the next arc.  I had originally intended to do kind of a "training/tournament" arc, and I still very much want to do that, but I feel like maybe I want to take a page from Hunter X Hunter and Berserk's books and do a...Wait for it...Boat arc!  After all!  Chronicles Of Alleron is a story about pirates, and is set in a post-apocalyptic-flood world that's still very much underwater.

And I have the perfect antagonist for a sea voyage story.  My biggest concern is that Darius' presence (for now, anyway) reduces any sense of danger the protagonists face.  I ran into this problem with this entire arc, honestly.  Darius is just way too powerful.  Not that he'd necessarily win every fight singlehandedly, but with all the characters present it's just a major stretch to imagine any threat that they could beat that would be a threat that also wouldn't wipe the floor with everyone except Darius.  Wow that's a stretch of a sentence.

Of course, there's always some combination of the two ideas to consider.  Hmmmmm...

Thank you so much for reading!  See you soon!  February, maybe...?  Maybe!

Previously: Chapter 54 - The Solution?  | Next Chapter 56:  Saying Farewell

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Lego Build Log 4 - Water Dragon! (71754)

 Hey friends,

First, a quick comic update:  I'm still drafting the next chapter.  It's a little less "on the heartstrings," but it's still very emotional and I want to make sure I explain/frame it all correctly so I can avoid retcons.  By now, I think everyone kind of knows what's going to happen, I just want it to work well.

That said!  I recently put together a Lego Build Log for the Water Dragon set.  It was pretty awesome, I've gotta admit.  I will definitely use this Water Dragon in a storyline.  I do need a name for it.  Hey!  Comment with a potential name for the Water Dragon!


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Chapter 57 - The House Of Red And Yellow


Update 3/1/2022:  Turns out it became Chapter 57.  I'll remake the first image ASAP.

Quick up-front note:  I know we're taking some attention away from Darius and Gurubunder, but as those who follow the comic's Facebook page know, I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago and haven't been able to take new comic pictures, so I broke out what I worked on during quarantine.  This was meant for immediately after this arc finished, and chances are strong I will re-name this chapter to Chapter 56.  Deadlines cannot be allowed to die, so, enjoy!

Hey friends!

Confession:  Euprhosyne was her idea, as was the concept of the "Flying" Siren.  But I think I got "Siren" and "Merryweather," and I also picked "Sea Cliff" because it's a place that's important to both of us.  Happy birthday, again, love.

Anyway, two other little updates for you all!

First:  Expect a short story on October 4th to honor what would have been my dad's birthday.  It's about 1,000 words, so it's quick; it's a bit of world-building that should add some flavor; and, most of all, it ties in heavily to this chapter if you look at them both closely.

Second:  Next chapter, we'll return to Darius and Gurubunder.  I'm not making any promises, but I'm hoping to bump up the chapter production in the near future.  Once I'm no longer using the floor of my basement as a backdrop for a mountaintop fortress, I'll be able to take pictures more easily.  Worst case?  I go back to quarterly, and/or I add some more short stories in.