Monday, October 19, 2020

Chapter 47: The Dread-Bones And The Goblin Prince

Before we get started with the comic, I just want to point out that my latest short story, "Trust: A Short Tale Of Emor" is available on Amazon Kindle for just a dollar.  If you dig my fantasy set-ups, check it out!

I won't pretend I had some grand scheme going into this chapter.  I knew I wanted to emphasize the Dread-Bones' strength, and I know I wanted to show the chapter through the course of Darius and Gurubunder talking to each other.  I never imagined I'd go with the parallel story arc of the Goblin Prince and Habbo each being involved in the battle, but I think I'm enjoying how it's gone.

I also think I have some running room for what'll come next, but November is National Novel Writing Month and I plan to participate, so I'll be devoting most of my time to drafting new text!

Enjoy - And thanks, again, for reading!