Sunday, January 20, 2013

Strip #8: Incoming!

I enlarged the in-strip text.  This is the first straight-down strip I have, I think, and it was taken using a camera which is entirely unavailable to me.  It was also the first really big attempt at graphical effects I made. It's okay, but I don't like how the shield effects turned out on the Bobcat.  I think the shield looks too circular on the back-end, but the front-end is okay.  In the future, I'm going to "splash" the effects more.

Other Housekeeping!

So, first of all, as you might or might know when I moved out of my apartment, I lost a couple of key characters.  Namely, I lost Lysander and Darius.  It was tough, but I've managed to recoup those losses.

Second!  As I'm also a writer/novelist, I've put out a few books.  My latest novel, Physics Incarnate, is officially one year old as of today!  It's available in paperback and on the Kindle.  Check it out!

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