Sunday, January 20, 2013

Strip #9: Fire!

Strip 9 was another of those "effects-heavy" strips, and I feel it came out a lot better than 8.  Something I've learned (sadly, I hadn't learned yet) is that blur effects to indicate motion are good, but in moderation.  The cannon-ball, for example, streaks wayyyy too much in panel four.  I think the same applies to the bow of the Bobcat, which is crashing into the ocean.  The smoke also looks kinda blah.

On the upside, hey!  It's strip #9!  I also improved the dialogue a bit.

I also did about seven or eight strips worth of filming, outside, today.  I wanna include sort of a comparison/teaser.  This'll highlight both the new camera (in relation to the old one, used above) as well as the difference that shooting outdoors makes to the realism and atmosphere.

Filmed indoors.  Not bad, no real focus, definitely looks artificial.

Filmed outdoors.  Focus effects increase the magnitude of what's going on, while the hill looks real.  Expect to see this shot a lot!

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