Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No new comic, but...

And, yes, I realize all of the "new" comics are just re-edits of the old ones; but here's something new.  I'm still testing out names for this little place, but for now call it Stronaard castle.  The wall on the left-hand side I actually got today, as part of a The Hobbit set that I actually felt would fit nicely.  I need to add some more ramparts, maybe do some color-balancing where applicable, but it looks good, so far.

If you're wondering, some features are...

 - The left-hand wall is supported by pillars, and has a small catapult on it.
 - The building near the ramp has a ladder leading to the roof, as well as a bridge.  It will serve as a "resting place" for a hand-held heavy plasma cannon, mainly used for anti-vehicular reasons.
 - Underneath the front barracks is a jail-cell.
 - The top bailey is also fully enclosed.
 - On the roof of the top bailey, accessed through a ladder just to the side of the castle, there are a number of throwing spears as well as the castle's primary defensive weapon, a five-barreled anti-aircraft gun with computer-aided targeting, 360 degree fire, and vertical lift/descent to allow all barrels to cover the entire castle.

Plot-wise, this place is more "Season Three" than "Season Two," but I like it.  It's neat!

Anyway, tomorrow I plan to get some more old episodes up; and soon, weather permitting (hehe), I shoot some new scenes!

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