Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Commissioned Artwork: "Gurubunder's Challenge" by Frosty

 Hey all,

No chapter today, but I commissioned this wonderful piece, made by Frosty (@Icy_Melancholia on Twitter), and now that Chapter 58 has hit 50 people, I'm sharing it with the world.  I chose this panel because it's the note I chose to end Chapter 52.  As those of you who read closely no doubt remember, my father died on December 3rd, 2021; Chapter 52 came out just a few weeks later.  In vibe that resonated from the change in my life circumstances, Gurubunder broke out the magic of his ancestors and changed Prince Darius' situation up.

This is something like what I envision existing, some day.  Maybe I'll commission a few more scenes for future chapter milestones?

...Maybe I'll look into collaborating with someone on a whole comic, sorta like a One Punch Man deal w/ONE writing and storyboarding and Yusuke Murata drawing?

Things that make you go:  Hmmmm.

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