Sunday, February 10, 2013

Strip 17: Habbo Strikes Again!

Last episode was the "wrap-up" of the Privateer Point battle, and for good reason.  Today's strip is the last one filmed, well, on a bedsheet, with pillows for background.  I'd like to believe it captures the more whimsical, childish aspects of Lego - like when I was a little kid and I played with them, and a staircase could be a mountain.

Now, next episode is the first strip to come out of the batch of pictures I took outdoors.  Yeah, there are some flaws - and some things I reallllllly don't like, but didn't realize were in shots.  That's kind of the risk of improving one's art, I suppose, and learning new techniques.  But, overall, I love how the outdoors shots really make the world seem real.  Above, and even in the Swiftshank/Whitesand bites, it looks fake.  At least with strips #15 and #16, there's a good reason for the dark backgrounds.  Above, it just...Pales.

Then again, this whole comic is about telling a story in a way I'm not used to, and in a way which doesn't always have to make sense!

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