Saturday, February 2, 2013

Strip 15: Demand

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Chronicles of Alleron, Strip 15:  Demand

This is probably the first part of a two-part strip.  Or, at least, it was.  I guess now its Strip 15.  I was honestly surprised to fit four panels in, but it worked!  Awesome!  Anyway, some things I improved...

 - Character positioning (watch Samuel/Victoria/Some Dude Try to take on Ricardo)
 - Effects (less overall, more direct/impact-laden; I especially like Swiftshank's sword.)
 - Focus (took it off auto-focus)
 - Dialogue.  (Simple, but to the point.  May need to actually shrink the text, though!)
 - Lighting (When necessary, I used a desk lamp with a sheet of paper over it's mouth to soften it)
 - Two-Legged Storytelling.  (Samuel and Victoria engage a powerful foe while Swiftshank and Whitesand duel)

The next one will probably be mostly talk, then we'll return to Habbo and Goldhook and scene two.

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