Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Episode 26: Candlelight Conversations

So, today we learn Biran's background, and also some of the thoughts on his colleagues.  We also learn that there's a city in Alleron called "Troy," and Troy happens to be the capital of the country.  In particular, it refers to the castle at Alleron, but we'll get into that when I, ahem, finish building Troy 2.0.

Also, while the source of light is obviously a tea-candle, consider it a type of oil lamp for story purposes.  Because that's better than, "We built a giant damned candle."

IN OTHER NEWS:  Let me turn to real-life for a minute.  I'm a big supporter of Thorium as a source of electricity for America's future.  And, well, the world's.  It's technology we used in the 1960's then abandoned for various reasons, and I started a petition at "We The People" asking the government to look into it again.  Give it a read!  It only takes a few minutes, and it could really help put a check to climate change.

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